Little Life Lessons from Wes

People may not make sense to you.
     Sometimes people will think, feel, and act in ways that you believe to be contrary to the very laws of the universe. That’s going to happen. You may hurt someone you love over what looks like a non-issue to you. No matter how much that infuriates you, it’s easiest on everyone to simply accept the way someone is and move on.

You are allowed to feel.
Sometimes you may be upset, despite so many good things in your life that you know should make you happy. You may be absolutely gutted after a breakup and need time to heal. You may be happy in the face of all kinds of badness. Whatever you feel is absolutely permitted. As long as you work through those feelings productively, you should never feel guilty for them, especially since you can’t just change how life affects you.

Newness can change your life.
     Honestly, just go do things. Visit a big city, then spend the weekend in a farm. Go skydiving or snowboarding. Chat up a stranger in a coffee shop. Make shitty wooden figurines. If there is ever anything that you could do, that you thought you might like to do but haven’t done, get on it. You endanger so much more of your happiness by being complacent than you do by stepping outside your bubble.

You cannot fix everything.
You may have little demons in your head telling you you are too plump, too narrow, too tall, not tall enough, shit at maths, or bad at public speaking; or you may find the world to be a cruel, violent, plainly awful place. You will encounter so many injustices in life which cannot be fixed, and the best thing to do with what cannot be changed is to accept it. 

Love is not essential.
     Love is a lot of things, mostly good (or bad; really it all depends on your perspective) but it is not everything. Nobody who is in love is savvy to some long-kept secret of life. Love does not make you invincible. It does not cure all of your problems, and in fact it may even cause some. If you feel love, embrace it, but do not make it an essential part of your life. The only thing you need is food, water, and a fond opinion of the person you see in the mirror every morning.

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